Gain new clients

Respond centrally and filtered to requests from one or more websites


Simple forms without unnecessary input fields

With our form you can start the first step with the future customer.
Of course, you can also create, maintain and manage inquiries and customers that do not come via forms.

Management tool

Here you can manage all your requests and save a lot of time.

All your requests are listed in a list with various functions.
So that you are prepared for everything immediately after the request.

Recruit new customers

Win your customers with simple questions without annoying.

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Direkt Customer Contact

Make the first contact directly and automatically with the customer to build trust.

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Generate lead with Customer

Close a Lead 50/50 by inviting your client to graduation.

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Maintain the new lead

Mark incoming messages with notes for your team or even tag them to set up the right e-mails.

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Use insider techniques

We not only deliver a tool but a companion that does the work for you.

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Price pricing

Deposit on the answering prices with the calculation to recognize the importance.

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