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Your one-stop-shop for all your digital marketing needs.
As a provider of a comprehensive digital marketing platform,
we empower businesses to take their online presence to a new level.


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  • Create easy 5 Step forms.
  • All contacts in one place and available to the whole team.
  • Follow up E-Mails with trigger functions.
  • Statistics about emails sent or also about your form views.
  • Mark new requests or surveys with tags that make email marketing easier.
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Email Marketing

Our tool aids you in creating and running personalized email marketing campaigns.
Use our system to craft appealing messages, send them directly into your target audience's inbox,
and ultimately strengthen your customer loyalty and attract new customers.

Statistical Tools

Our platform offers advanced statistical tools to measure and optimize the success of your campaigns.
This data-driven approach enables you to make informed decisions and continuously improve your marketing strategies.

Digital Forms

Also, our tool includes digital forms that assist you in the efficient collection and management of customer data.
This allows you to better adjust and personalize your marketing strategies.


Customer Management

The features of our customer management tool assist you in building strong and enduring relationships with your customers.
With these tools, you can store and manage all customer information in a central location,
improving your communication and service towards your customers.

Recruit new customers

Win your customers with simple questions without annoying.

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Direkt Customer Contact

Make the first contact directly and automatically with the customer to build trust.

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Generate lead with Customer

Close a Lead 50/50 by inviting your client to graduation.

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Maintain the new lead

Mark incoming messages with notes for your team or even tag them to set up the right e-mails.

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Use insider techniques

We not only deliver a tool but a companion that does the work for you.

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Price pricing

Deposit on the answering prices with the calculation to recognize the importance.

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Team Management

In terms of team management, we offer you features that support efficient planning,
task management and team communication.
This boosts your team's productivity and ensures a smooth implementation of your digital marketing strategies.


Increase your sales

  • with new marketing strategies
  • with simple 5 step forms
  • with follow up email templates.
  • with measurable success and statistics
  • with forwarding to the right product
14 Days Trial

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